[Series] A librarian’s bookshelf – August

August 31, 2011

I’ve been in my position as Library Director for a couple of months now. While in library school, I made an effort to keep reading “for fun” books. I blogged about them here! One of the ways I’m getting to know my patrons and my collection better is through reading! And today marks the last day I will allow myself to read YA or Junior Fiction… for a while, at least. I usually read a balance of non-fiction, adult, YA and J fiction, but this summer I’ve been focusing on the last two.

Here’s why: I feel my library’s YA and J fiction collections are somewhat outdated and I wanted to read what my younger patrons are reading to become a better collection manager and readers’ advisor.While I haven’t read *everything* my patrons read this summer, I do have a better understanding of both what I may suggest for them to read next and what type of YA and J fiction I personally enjoy.

Now that the Summer Reading Program is finished at our library, I have decided I need to work on moving back to adult fiction and non-fiction because the majority of my Sept – May patrons are adult (and many are retired). Before I start the beautiful journey of reading what my adult patrons are reading, here’s a list of the top 7 most popular* reads this summer. For everything else I read this summer, check out my GoodReads! Read the rest of this entry »


Goodreads App – now available!

May 27, 2011

I discovered last week that Goodreads has an app for Android AND NOOKcolor! YAHOO!

So excited. I love using Goodreads and it’s so much easier to update and mark my to-read books when I have access to it constantly (on my phone or nook). Great step for Goodreads and for those of us who are reading ebooks now!

In other news… have you seen the new NOOK?! I’m having gadget envy again. I love my NOOKcolor, but I definitely think this new NOOK is a good step for Barnes and Noble because (1) it has the e-ink feature which people appreciate because it’s easy on eyes (2) it is touchscreen and (3) it’s connected – meaning the reader will be able to connect to other readers via apps (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, NOOK friends).

Amazon’s Kindle is getting a library card

April 20, 2011

So it’s all over the news — Amazon is partnering with OverDrive to bring the library lending feature to the Kindle and its users. FINALLY. Hello!!! I know that Amazon is trying to SELL the Kindle and SELL books, but it shouldn’t have taken this long to make library lending an option… (says the librarian).

I AM interested in the feature of having bookmarks and making notes in a library book and then getting those back when/if you buy the book. This is a marketing – selling tool for Amazon because they’re doing something others haven’t done – and they’re pushing for people to read the book and then buy it if they want to read it again.

A couple of questions:
1. Will people who already have a Kindle get this feature or will it just be for the newest Kindles?
2. Will a person be able to download the same book on multiple reading devices (their Kindle and their phone) at the same time?

In any event, this is wonderful news. The Muir Library will be ebook friendly in about a month and I’m delighted to tell our patrons who are interested that the Kindle is now supporting library lending.

I love a good audiobook!

March 31, 2011

My latest tweet: I really do love a good #audiobook — in the car, on a walk, at work, while I clean, bake, crochet, etc. http://bit.ly/fNwcC3

The Audio Publishers Association has a new contest called Get Caught Listening! You can wish cash prizes and it ends May 15. Make a video of why/where/how/when/yougetthepicture you listen to audiobooks and enter the contest! I’m seriously considering this. I’ve been in LOVE with audiobooks for years and I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone who says, “I just can’t listen to them. That’s not REAL reading…”

Here’s what I think – listening to audiobooks is more difficult than reading a book – It’s as though you have to learn how to “read” books with your ears! It takes a certain book and a certain voice to make a good audiobook; however, once you find a book you like and an activity you can do while you listen, you’ll yearn for an audiobook at every silent moment.

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Reading for fun in Library School (series finale)

March 3, 2011

I’m graduating! (*stands on chair and does a little celebration dance!*) And with that, I am ending my “Reading for fun in Library School” series; I will keep writing about what I’m reading, though. Here’s what I’ve read during the past couple of months.

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Update: A reader’s ereader dilemma

February 22, 2011

I just downloaded the Overdrive Media Console app for Android. What an amazing app! Of course I am gushing now; I’m sure there will be a glitch or two. But honestly, it was almost TOO easy to get into my Seattle Public Library account through Overdrive, search for a book and download it. You can download EPUBs and MP3s. I’m absolutely amazed. I thought it would take at least a couple more months for this to actually work.

Are you using this app? What do you think?

I still have no regrets about my NOOKcolor 🙂
Off to play!

A reader’s ereader dilemma

February 21, 2011

I gave in and bought a NOOKcolor a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to wait until there was something a little more library-friendly, but my gadget envy took hold and now I own an ereader. I’d love to know how/if you’re reading ebooks! Here are a few ‘excuses’ for my purchase.
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