Monday – #libday7

Today’s #libday7 post is sponsored by the word WATER.


Noun: A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms: chemical formula H2O.

WATER is the basis of the library.
A living organism
right in downtown
Winnebago, Minnesota.

Here’s a recap of my day:
Volunteers come into the library every Monday morning to help process materials. We wouldn’t survive without them! Thank your volunteers!
Because it is so stinkin’ hot, people either enter the library and complain about the weather, compliment the temperature of the library or ask for a drink of water. That’s why I keep cups by the fax machine.
The library is open on Monday from 9am-12pm. Then I get to go home for lunch. Noon to 2pm is a sacred time at my house. I play with my puppy and eat lunch and read my book and sometimes watch Tim the Toolman with Jeremiah (if he makes it home for lunch at the same time as me).

When I get back to the library, I say hello to Ninja, our library fish. The kids named him before the Summer Reading Program started. Ninja is quite a survivor. You don’t want to know how many times his bowl has ALMOST emptied both water, rocks and fish onto my desk and/or the floor.
This afternoon was busy – full of patrons with questions, phone calls about overdues and, of course, people who have to  use the bathroom.
We have as many toilets as we do public access computers at this library. Unfortunately, some people don’t always use them.

When I wasn’t working with patrons, I was working for them. I not only worked on selecting titles for our Children and YA collections, I also started planning our fall programs – including creating a packet for elementary students that will hold a library card application, fall library calendar, an invitation to come to an event at the library and a coupon for a treat when they do come into the library. I also worked on a reading list for the September Adult BookClub.

On to TUESDAY! See you then!

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