#cpd23 Thing 8 – Google Calendar runs my life. Almost

Thing 8 of #cpd23 focuses on using Google Calendar to help straighten out your life (personal, work, kids’ etc.). I use Google Calendar each morning when I wake up, when I get done walking LeRoy (the pup), it’s up at work constantly and when I go home from work. It really tells me what I need to do each and every day. Kind of sad. But also awesome.

Here are some aspects of Google Calendar that rock my socks off:

The email reminder – this sends an email to my phone and to my computer, so that if I don’t have gCalendar up at the moment, I will still not be late.

Location links – If I’m going somewhere I’ve never been, I can enter the address when I make the reminder/event and then I can click on the link and get a map on my phone.

– Google Calendar on my phone – enough said.

I haven’t taken advantage of this because I think it would be too overstimulating at the moment, but I have friends who have Google send them an email digest with their daily activities each and every morning. Then they actually print out their schedule and run!

In fact, I use Google Calendar to schedule my blog posts. When I actually have the time to get content up here, I try to do it at least twice a week. I put the posts in my calendar and then when I’m fiddling around with other events and reminders, I go in and brainstorm about the posts. It’s definitely a more reliable place to jot down a few words than a scrap piece of paper in my pocket. The end!


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