Minnesota State Shutdown Ends – Work is Not Done!

This is partially an email sent to me earlier today and partially my own words and plea. Thank you!


Now that an agreement to re-start the state government has been reached, we have a very short window to act on one very important topic:

Before the shutdown started, MOE (Maintenance of Effort) for Libraries was suspended for two years.  The MLA/MEMO lobbyist, Elaine Keefe, is hard at work trying to get MOE returned to some state other than suspended.  (Because of the way MOE is calculated on the three previous years, a two year suspension could have a devastating effect on libraries around the state.)

Please take the time to contact the Governor, House and Senate Leadership, and Tax Chairs and ask them to NOT suspend library maintenance of effort.  It can’t hurt to remind them that the library community has been the only MOE recipient to come to the table with compromises in the past several years.  This is our chance to have an enormous impact on our future, but we have very little time to act!

Here are the appropriate email links for those who need to be contacted:

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch      sen.amy.koch@senate.mn

Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers        rep.kurt.zellers@house.mn

Governor Mark Dayton           http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/

Tax Chairs

House:  Greg Davids                              rep.greg.davids@house.mn

Senate: Julianne Ortman                    sen.julianne.ortman@senate.mn

Thank you for your time and effort!

Heidi (and libraries in general)


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