Goodreads App – now available!

I discovered last week that Goodreads has an app for Android AND NOOKcolor! YAHOO!

So excited. I love using Goodreads and it’s so much easier to update and mark my to-read books when I have access to it constantly (on my phone or nook). Great step for Goodreads and for those of us who are reading ebooks now!

In other news… have you seen the new NOOK?! I’m having gadget envy again. I love my NOOKcolor, but I definitely think this new NOOK is a good step for Barnes and Noble because (1) it has the e-ink feature which people appreciate because it’s easy on eyes (2) it is touchscreen and (3) it’s connected – meaning the reader will be able to connect to other readers via apps (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, NOOK friends).


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