An explanation & invitation

So, new job, new house, new everything and the poor, loyal blog gets abandoned. Sorry!

Here’s an extremely short version of what’s going on right now:

The job at Muir Library is going wonderfully. I’m in full Summer Reading Programming mode and therefore cannot talk about it or I won’t be able to stop. I will say, if you haven’t sent my library a postcard yet, please consider it.

Other parts of my job as library director include:

collection development, paying bills, telling kids to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, putting puzzles together, ILL, updating the Facebook, writing columns for the Winnebago Voice (weekly newspaper), preparing bags of books to be sent to the local nursing home, writing reports for the city council meetings, making coffee, creating bulletin boards, reading books about princesses to 3 year olds who want to be princesses, searching for information about egg candlers, etc.

I moved into a new house in a new town and took on some new responsibilities like – feeding a fish – and tending a garden – and ironing – and finding time to do other things.

Over at Hack Library School, we’re hacking different library school (iSchool) programs and sharing our thoughts, concerns and hopes for library school in general. Please visit it and share your ideas. We’re always looking for new writers – contact me if you want to be one of them.


I’m not entirely sure what you want to read about now that I’m done with school and have my grown up job. Do you want day-to-day rural library director things? What kind of “things” interest you? Do you want my more general views of what’s going on in libraryland? (I would say that I could combine the day-to-day and libraryland but to be honest, sometimes there doesn’t seem to be that much of a connection. I feel like the area I’m in at the moment is far behind the libraryland I follow on Twitter and blogs). Tell me what you’d like from me and I’ll do my best to get it to you!


5 Responses to An explanation & invitation

  1. Jackie says:

    I would love to here about the day-to-day! I would also be interested to hear about your journey to becoming library director, unless you already wrote about that somewhere else!

  2. Annie Pho says:

    Go Heidi! So much to do, so little time. I just like hearing about what’s going on with your life. Write about what interests you, issues in your town, at your library, bigger issues that concern you. We’ll read it all! 🙂

  3. I’d love to read about your day to day, and also how you feel that fits into the wider net of Libraryland. So, yeah. Especially how/why your work might feel disconnected, and what the rest of us can do to make sure we don’t leave out small, rural libraries.

  4. Georgia says:

    Hi there, I’ve just started on the 23 things course and having a little look around. I see that you’re way ahead of me so have found it interesting looking at your posts. I’d be interested to read about your day to day activities, it’s interesting to see how US libraries work in comparison to the UK.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I will work on posting regularly about day-to-day and “bigger picture” issues related to my position as Library Director at Muir Library. Thanks!

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