Share YOUR Story with Muir Library

It’s Summer Reading Program planning time! Actually, I’m probably behind in the planning process because I just recently started my position at Muir Library in Winnebago, Minn., but that just means I’m working even harder to have a successful first Summer Reading Program. A more in-depth post about programming in a rural library will come soon, but in the meantime, please pass this to your contacts- near and far.

Share YOUR Story with Muir Library!

This year’s Summer Reading program theme is One World, Many Stories. I’d love to have stories and postcards from different states and countries to share with the participants at Muir Library.
Please consider sending us a postcard – who knows – we may also send one back!

Our address is:
Muir Library
36 Main St. N
P.O. Box 218
Winnebago, Mn 56098

Thanks – Heidi

One Response to Share YOUR Story with Muir Library

  1. […] cannot talk about it or I won’t be able to stop. I will say, if you haven’t sent my library a postcard yet, please consider […]

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