Amazon’s Kindle is getting a library card

So it’s all over the news — Amazon is partnering with OverDrive to bring the library lending feature to the Kindle and its users. FINALLY. Hello!!! I know that Amazon is trying to SELL the Kindle and SELL books, but it shouldn’t have taken this long to make library lending an option… (says the librarian).

I AM interested in the feature of having bookmarks and making notes in a library book and then getting those back when/if you buy the book. This is a marketing – selling tool for Amazon because they’re doing something others haven’t done – and they’re pushing for people to read the book and then buy it if they want to read it again.

A couple of questions:
1. Will people who already have a Kindle get this feature or will it just be for the newest Kindles?
2. Will a person be able to download the same book on multiple reading devices (their Kindle and their phone) at the same time?

In any event, this is wonderful news. The Muir Library will be ebook friendly in about a month and I’m delighted to tell our patrons who are interested that the Kindle is now supporting library lending.


One Response to Amazon’s Kindle is getting a library card

  1. Linear Fix says:

    I think this feature must of been long in the making. I thought they had this last year!

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