A job! – Library Director of Muir Library

It’s the post everyone’s been waiting for – well maybe not everyone. But to those of you who have been growing tired of me talking about finding a job – I HAVE A JOB! I am the new Library Director of Muir Library in Winnebago, Minnesota.

Winnebago is a town near (just 10 minutes north of) my hometown of Blue Earth, Minnesota. It is part of the same school district, so I actually went to sixth grade in Winnebago. In any event, it is an active small town and I am unbelievably excited to be part of the community! I’ve already been introduced and re-introduced to so many people – and they all have wonderful things to say about the library and the community. This support makes me feel hopeful about this new position.

The former Library Director, Judy, retired after 29 years in the position. I am thankful that she will still be in town to perhaps provide some guidance for me. There are 3 part-time employees at the library and they have already welcomed me and given me pieces of great advice to get started. I’m looking forward to hearing their ideas and expectations of me in the first few weeks.

Finally, I want to touch on another group of people who I am sure have and will continue to be an asset to the library – the volunteers (Friends of the Library). Recently, there’s been several posts about volunteers in libraryland. Katie wrote one for HackLibSchool – there’s one on Annie’s blog – and over here on TheGoLibrarians. In any event, as I’ve been a volunteer for different organizations for several years, I know how valuable volunteers are to an organization. It will be different for me to be coordinating their schedules and duties, but I look forward to getting to know each person who volunteers their time to make the Muir Library a better place.

Look for another post (with pictures I promise) soon as I head into the library!



3 Responses to A job! – Library Director of Muir Library

  1. Andy says:

    Congrats, Heidi!

  2. […] any event, this is wonderful news. The Muir Library will be ebook friendly in about a month and I’m delighted to tell our patrons who are […]

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