Online Presence a.k.a Heidi 2.0

A couple of weeks ago, Annie wrote a thoughtful post over on Hack Library School called, “Online Presence a.k.a You 2.0” and I decided I wanted to write a little spinoff of that post here. I also decided this needed to be written after a conversation with a friend and classmate, Murray. We were chatting one night when we should have been doing homework. Here is part of the chat:

Murray: np
i may have told you this already, but i’m impressed at all yoru online activity
me: hahaha. what do you mean?
9:51 PM Murray: your blog, twitter, hacklibschool
i’m pretty lazy in that area

[… murray rambles 😉 on]

9:52 PM Murray: and i don’t take the time to keep up on library related news, so i have nothing to share on twitter
but you seem to be really on top of things
9:53 PM me: ha. wow. thanks. i really try to be on top of things but i feel like i’m drowning…. i like to post things and ask questions, but then of course i read an amazing article or blog right after i write my own and then i feel stupid
but… at least i’m “accidentally” writing about what other people are writing about.
9:54 PM me: i just think that if i’m going to be in a smaller library (where i’m the only librarian) I’m going to need a network of other people and a place to express my thoughts, so why not start now and here (in virtual libraryland)
9:55 PM Murray: nods makes perfect sense
That pretty much says it all. I am facing the reality that I may be one of very few if any librarians in the library I find myself working. This is by choice. I am looking for a small, rural library atmosphere. But I am going to miss having librarians around me 24/7. “Virtual libraryland” — the blogs, Twitter, HackLibSchool, etc. will serve as my lifeline to librarians.
So, thank you, ahead of time, to those of you who already communicate with me and have welcomed me into your network. I look forward to exchanging new ideas, knowledge and conversation as we all go our separate ways in the physical libraryland.

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