Real Life – Library – Experience

I’ve written a couple of posts about how important it is to gather experience working with libraries and organizations while also attending school. One of the things I don’t think I’ve highlighted enough is the fact that YOU can go out and approach people with your ideas (based on your interests and strengths).

Here’s an example:

If you LOVE creating/designing/redesigning web sites, why not approach a library that needs a web site facelift?


Tim Offenstein at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois sent a message to listservs recently. It invited libraries who would like help with their web sites to contact him and his LIS students who are starting a new project. They’ll be working with the library to redesign the sites to fit the users’ needs.

I think this is a great example of how students can gain experience working with libraries. It’s helpful for the library AND it is experience and evidence for the student to use as he/she heads out into the world of working.

However, as a student, you don’t have to wait for a class project to do this. If you’ve got an idea, pitch it to the right person and get started!


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