How would YOU hack library school?

I’m honored to give a little plug for a new collaborative project I’ve been involved with for the past couple of weeks. HACK LIBRARY SCHOOL A space written by, for and about LIS students. So, check it out!

This is an invitation to current LIS students to participate in a conversation about library school, so please share this with the appropriate people. Hack Library School is a collaborative space outside of school where LIS students can write, read, listen and comment about the future of the LIS degree. We are looking for new ideas, questions and fresh minds! Are you tweeting about your education? Do you write a blog? Are there unanswered questions written in the margins of your notebook? We want to hear from you!

Here are just some of the topics we’re discussing:
– LIS practicalities — internships, classes, what-to-read
– LIS professional — job tips, financial aid, conferences
– LIS in general! — transliteracy, instruction, diversity

HackLibSchool is on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out and let us know your thoughts! Get in touch with me if you’re interested in becoming a hacker! How would YOU hack library school? We are the future.


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