Book Arts Event — a fun new skill!

Book making is a new experience for me. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed learning how to make simple yet beautiful books with a great group of people. It was a relaxing evening full of laughter, getting to know other classmates, and also learning a new skill to take into the field of librarianship. Here’s what we made!

My Exquisite Corpse Book

The student organization (sALA) held a Book Arts event in November. The instructor, Anne Bingham, is a school librarian and she incorporates book making into the classes she teaches. Her language students make sewn Exquisite Corpse books  and fill the pages with parts of sentences to use to study grammar and composition. They also make Accordion books to write their own stories; each panel tells a different part of the plot.

As I left the event, I took time to grab a bibliography of book making resources from Anne. I think I’ve not only found a new hobby but also an opportunity for a wide-audience program at the library I will (hopefully) work in someday. Here’s another book I made. We sewed the pages together using large needles and waxed thread.

Here’s part of the bibliography Anne shared with us. If anyone else has done simple book making and has other suggestions for resources, please share them!

  • The Book Arts Web:
  • Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s making Books with Children:
  • Carter, David A. Elements of pop up: a pop up book for aspiring paper engineers. New York: Little Simon, 1999.
  • Diehn, Gwen. The decorated page: journals, scrapbooks & albums made simply beautiful. New York: Lark, 2003.
  • Gaylord, Susan Kapuscinski. Super pop-up reports for American history. New York: Scholastic Professional Books, 2000.
  • Golden, Alisa J. Unique handmade books. New York: Sterling Pub. Co., 2001.
  • Ikegami, Kosanjin. Japanese bookbinding: instructions from a master craftsman. New York: Weatherhill, 1986.
  • Jacobs, Micahel. Books unbound. Cincinnati, Ohio: North Light Books, 2006.
  • Johnson, Paul. Literacy through the book arts. Porsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1993.
  • LaPlantz, Shereen. The art and craft of handmade books. New York: Lark Books, 2001. 

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