Reading for fun in Library School (part 3)

I figured it might be time to talk about what I’ve been reading for during this quarter of school. I’m currently taking a class from Nancy Pearl where one of her main goals is to have us reading — and hopefully reading books we enjoy. It is a class about Adult Genre Fiction. While I didn’t think I would enjoy ALL the genres, I have added something to my GoodReads to-read list every week of class!
Outside of that class, I’ve been doing some other “for-fun” reading. Okay, I admit it, usually I read books that I’ve added to my to-read list during that class, but I’m enjoying it all nonetheless.
Here are five of my favorite books from this fall quarter:
The Jump-Off Creek — Molly Gloss
In this strong, carefully honest story of a woman in the west, Lydia Sanderson loses and gathers herself along Jump-Off Creek; the details of life in Oregon’s Blue Mountains are so intimately portrayed, readers will find themselves forgetting where they are.
Superman for all seasons — Jeph Loeb
Four richly illustrated stories narrated by familiar characters focus on Superman’s exploration of what made Clark Kent super and his evolution to become the hero he is.
All the Pretty Horses — Cormac McCarthy 
Young John Grady Cole crosses the border into Mexico and knows one thing – if you don’t have your horse, you don’t have anything.
Sunshine — Robin McKinley
One bite into this compelling, richly-written book and you’ll want to tear through the story of Rae, a young baker at her step-father’s café, as she forms a dangerous bond with Constantine, an entrancing vampire.
Blankets — Craig Thompson
It is difficult to not become wrapped up in this coming-of-age story of sibling rivalry, first loves and faith exploration when the text and images melt into one another so perfectly.
If you want to see everything else I’ve read or “shelved” from the Adult Genre Fiction class, go to my GoodReads page (username heidifk) and look at my shelves called “nancypearl” or “lis598” and if you aren’t already following me, please do so. I’d love to see and share in what you’re reading! — really!!
**I will admit that my shelves are kind of disorganized right now. I had planned on adding books that were on the reading list from Nancy’s class to “nancypearl” and books that were talked about in class to “lis598” however, I didn’t follow my own plan and now things got goofed up. I’m hoping to clean some of it up during winter break. 

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