#HackLibSchool and You

This post is a Shared Item I plan to post on a discussion board for my class — LIS 560 — Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals. I figured I’d post it up here, too.
We’ve talked about Information Literacy and now we’ve seen some spectacular examples of tools and live lessons. I would like to supplement all of this with a collaborative tool designed by and for MLIS and MLS students. This tool — in essence — is attempting to assist us with our information needs!

This tool is called #HackLibSchool. If you’ve heard of Hacking The Academy (a crowdsourced digital book created in May 2010), this is something similar, but for US — MLIS students!

Here’s the long and short of it all —
It was an idea developed by Micah Vandegrift — here’s his web site — he’s a current MLIS student, too.
The objective is to fill the information gap that MLIS and MLS students find between their classes and “real life libraries”.

— So, now for the “extra info” —
Take a look at this blog post explaining #HackLibSchool. It’s an informative, stimulating post — not too long, either. Also, here is the link to the Google Document that is open for anyone and everyone to edit and add to. This past week, a wiki was created to begin organization on the doc. You can go to the wiki, but not all of the information is transferred there, yet. I encourage you to take a look at the blog post before diving into the Google Doc.

So, now that you’ve taken a look at this new collaborative tool, share your thoughts. What do you think about this as a way to provide resources for MLIS students? What kind of information that is already provided is valuable to you? What would you do different? What other resources or information would you like to see added? What did (or would) you add?

Want to see the tweets about this? Look at #libraryschool and #HackLibSchool on Twitter. There are conversations for everyone’s interests.

[please let me know if any of these links break]


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