Online Discussion Forums

I’m new to online discussion forums; however, this quarter, all of my classes require my participation in discussion using the boards every week. I’m used to participating in the classroom, but I haven’t mastered discussing online.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why do people write so much? You wouldn’t have time to say a 5-paragraph-essay if you were speaking in a discussion in class, so why write that much while in conversation on a discussion board? Really? Then, we all have to go and read everyone’s “essays” to find out what the thread is about before we can respond to it.

1. Read the discussion.
2. State A [singular, one, uno] point in 5-7 sentences at the most.
3. Read the discussion.

If you still have more to say, repeat these steps.
It will make everyone happy — because they will have more time to sleep at night.

Maybe they’ll even have time to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to share when you’re in the same classroom.

Can anyone give me some insight as to ways of being successful in online classroom discussion forums?

 This is where I studied all afternoon. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle.


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