Fall Quarter 2010 Preview

I was just scanning CNN for the latest news of the day and a headline about the New Fall TV Shows popped up. And since I don’t watch television, I decided to give my “Fall Preview” of my classes! Here they are:

LIS 522 — Collection Development
LIS 531 — Catalogs, Cataloging and Classification — online course
LIS 560 — Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals (my last required class! yes!)
LIS 598 — Genres for Adult Readers — with Nancy Pearl
INFX 502 — Database Concepts for Information Professionals — online course — description

If you’d like a brief description of these classes, try this, or leave me a comment!

— Here are three hopes I have for this quarter —
(although they do not necessarily have anything to do with the classes I am taking)

  • Practice giving booktalks and writing annotations — I’ll do this in the genre class!Β 
  • Learn how to create ‘things’ in MS Access. I know how to pull the data and organize it, but I don’t know how to create it… and I think that when I’m able to do both, it’ll be helpful on a resume or in an interview — hopefully INFX 502 will help me with this.
  • Find a way into working/volunteering/interning at a public library

There you have it! My “Fall Preview” is complete. No need to surf the channels, I mean course list… I’ve got it all planned out.


2 Responses to Fall Quarter 2010 Preview

  1. Bubbles says:

    LIS 560 — Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals
    They should have this as a required class at SoCar. I'll bring it up.

  2. Heidi says:

    Yes. I agree. I believe it'll be quite helpful. I mean, librarians are (more and more) becoming instructors of information in both public and academic libraries. I'm excited for the class!

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