Books — and their accessibility

So, you know how everyone keeps saying that books are going to disappear? Printed words on paper are going to become non-existent. The act of holding a book in your hands and opening it to find your place saved by a homemade bookmark will be irrelevant.
So, you know how everyone keeps saying that books are never going to disappear? Reading on a screen is too strenuous for the eyes. You lose the intimacy of holding (and reading) a book when you are holding an electronic device that contains your entire library.
So, you know what I think? (and mind you… I’m just one person. I’m not everyone)
I believe it doesn’t matter how a person accesses a book. In print. On an electronic device — visual or audio. Purchased from a bookstore. Borrowed — from a friend or library.
I found this written in the front of a children’s book at the Moorhead Library this summer.
From In Praise of Books
A book is a garden you can hold in your hand,
An orchard you can take on your lap.
A book is a companion who sleeps
Only when you are asleep,
And speaks only when
you wish him to.
A book is a tree that lives long
And bears delicious and abundant fruit
That is easy to pick and perfectly ripe
At all times of the year.
A book obeys you by night and by day,
Abroad and at home;
It has no need of sleep
And does not grow weary from sitting up.
(Abu Uthman Amr ibn Bahral-Jahiz, known to his friends as al-Jahiz, was born in Basra in 776 and was the leading literary and intellectual figure of his age,)
Found in –
Farmer, Nancy, and Marcken G. De. Clever Ali. New York: Orchard Books, 2006. Print.Β 
These words are an excellent way of defining a book. The format doesn’t matter — the accessibility does. If we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to access a book, the book (the words — the story, character, description, conversation, etc) will provide us with what we need. We should be thankful there are so many ways we can find books and open to exploring them to find what best fits our lifestyle.

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