And then it was September?

Although my ability to maintain a blog during the summer was -clearly- nonexistent, I did continue to be an MLIS student. This summer, I took LIS 570 — Research Methods. It was another required course for the MLIS program at the Information School University of Washington in Seattle. However, I took it online as I spent the summer in Minnesota with my family.

LIS 570 — Research Methods
Since it was completely online, we had readings posted online and then we also watched and listened to lectures from our instructor. Finally, we kept a Research Log and posted on discussion forums with other students from around the country.

The main part of this class was a group project where we designed and performed our own research study. My amazing group members, April and Deb, are also friends from school. They are both in Seattle for the summer (and I miss them dearly).

Our study is called Expanding the Sense of Community: The Influence of Digital Reference on Rural Libraries. If you would like to see our presentation, please feel free to contact me!

So, that was my “schooling” this summer. I explored rural and small libraries in Minnesota and enjoyed every single minute of it. Look for a post about what I read this summer in a couple of days.


2 Responses to And then it was September?

  1. I'd love to see your presentation! Slideshare maybe?

  2. Heidi says:

    It is a Slideshow created on Google, so it shouldn't be too difficult to share with you. I'll see what I can do! πŸ™‚

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