One Down – Five to Go

I’ve completed one sixth of my MLIS degree and I feel successful, confident and excited for my new classes.
Here’s a quick list of the top 5 events of my first quarter:

1. Getting experience communicating and participating in an online class.
2. Google — watching it explode along with the explosion of information and learning that it is my job to attempt to maintain organization of this explosion. EXCITING!
3. Meeting people who share similar goals as I do — in their careers and in their lives
4. Being given a position at a campus library — in the acquisitions division!
5. Gaining an insight into something-LIS-related that I am not interested in… while I know studying information behavior is imperative to LIS, it isn’t something I’m dying to get into. Knowing this leads me to the idea that I will find another aspect of LIS that I will enjoy oh so much more.

A line from a reading early in the past quarter that has continued to stick with me:
“In this sense there is no final answer that will end information seeking – it is the project of a lifetime” — Donald Case

Bring on the second quarter!


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