Assignment vs Me

I’m currently working on an assignment – a searching assignment – where I am supposed to take an inquiry from an inquirer and then find answers/sources for him/her. In the assignment, we are to find answers and then present them to the person.

My perspective about helping people find information is different than just finding and giving them the answer. I want to teach them how to find the answer. I want to show them how to search. I want to present them with options and then hear them discuss what else they are looking for so we can search together.

And so, this assignment is difficult for me because I want to interact with the “inquirer” and I can’t. I want to teach the inquirer how to peruse online journals. I want to see their excitement when they see a fascinating title.

I hope libraries always exist so someone plays the role of “information guide.” I can’t wait for the day I am actually that person.


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