orientation = awkward comfort

Orientation for my graduate program (MLIS at the iSchool at the University of Washington) began today. For five hours, I sat in a room with almost 70 other people who will be my classmates next week. They will continue to be my classmates for the next 2 years.
My classmates are:

  • my dad’s age
  • married with kids
  • masters at coding HTML…
  • already thinking about what to write their thesis about

I (on the other hand) just realized that I left a dangling preposition at the end of the last bullet.
uh oh… still an English major. πŸ™‚

iSchool students have A-type personalities. They want to be efficient, organized, prepared. So when you put 70 of these personalities in a room, someone (me) will become a little overwhelmed.

After 2 pieces of pizza and meeting several other overwhelmed classmates, my urge to flee has subsided.

3 things I’m unbelievably excited about the beginning of classes:

  • meeting people who share the same level of ‘nerdiness’ with me
  • learning about the different areas I could be researching
  • attending an event sponsored by iWorld – a group of students who discuss information organization in an international-sense

3 things I’m a little nervous about the beginning of classes:

  • not having the knowledge of technology that I should
  • having classmates who are just like college freshmen – wanting to know the ins and outs about every little thing on the syllabus – I think some people are “out of practice” when it comes to class
  • losing my jump drive again… NO NO NEVER AGAIN

Well, wish me luck! I’m on my way!


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