What’s going on?

I’m in the library — but I know no one. It is strange to hear the phone ring and not be the one to answer it. Or watch employees tip over carts of books. (that’s why you should wear closed shoes when you work) I feel like someone I know is going to walk around the corner and come talk to me. But no one talks in this library. Except the little boy wandering around saying, “Poopy – Mommy – Poopy”

I moved to Seattle a week ago. Since then I’ve been spending time in the Broadview Public Library – one of Seattle’s MANY public libraries. It is three blocks from my apartment and it has free wireless and air conditioning. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I got my library card. It was free – except that the lady who gave it to me had to give me about a tree’s worth of brochures and 6 minutes of her time explaining how to use a library. I just smiled and nodded and pretended to be interested.

“You can have 100 books out at a time, but that’s going to change in November. Then you can only have 50 books out.” (my thoughts: I will never need to have 100 books out at a time. My apartment is not that big.)

“You can be on the computer for 90 minutes every day. Use your library card to log on.”
(my thoughts: cool! that’s a good limit for community users…)

“Our website has a lot of other information” (my thoughts: I’ll prove you wrong. A public library has time to keep a website up-to-date? not likely.) I didn’t prove her wrong. Their website has tons of information – a very in-depth calendar of events and it even told me when their book club is and what books are for the next couple of months. I’m going to meet some friends at these book clubs. People who love to read = my friends

So – what have I learned in my first week in Seattle? – the library is quickly becoming an important part of my new neighborhood. (Along with the bike trail and Starbucks)

I just saw someone I know! (I guess ‘recognize’ is the right word) But he was here yesterday. He wears orange socks with black sandals and walks like he’s on a mission and avoids all eye contact. hmmm… perhaps I’ll look for someone else to befriend.


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